Life-Saver Recognition Award Recipients

Eastern Pittstown Fire District, Pittstown No.1 Fire Department

The following were involved in the rescue:

Walt Bink
John Cipperley
Gerald Harris
Jason Harris
John Lebarron
Josh Kautz
Donald Patnode
Dave smith
Gary Thomas Sr.
Mike Wilbur

“On Thursday evening January 26th at 2320 hours Pittstown Fire And ambulance were dispatched for a Bravo Traffic accident in the 3200 block of NY RT 7. Pittstown Car 1 was the first unit to arrive and find a one car rollover approximately twenty five feet down a steep embankment with a single male occupant and his dog inside trapped, with the vehicle teetering dangerously off a single tree.

Pittstown car one ordered Rescue 25 under the direction of Rescue Captain Kautz to establish utility rope lines down the hill upon arrival, and secure the car to the guard rails with ratchet straps. Once that task was completed the crew from Rescue 25 further secured the car with a winch and rescue struts. Pittstown car 1 assumed operations at the car. Pittstown Car 2 was command topside.

With the vehicle now secured the rescue crews started to tunnel their way into the car with sawzalls and hydraulic spreaders. Engine 25-1 under the direction of Lt Patnode was directed to Birchway, the nearest street below the incident to start cutting a path through the woods for egress for the patient with chain saws. Command determined given the icy conditions and terrain it would be faster to move the patient out this way. Mohawk ambulance was requested for ALS given the unknown time the victim had been in the car and with exposure to the elements.

Firefighter Mike Wilber was the first to reach the victim and determined with removal of the rear seats the male occupant could be extricated by releasing the front passenger seatback. After this task was accomplished he could be placed on a backboard. The victim’s dog clinging to its owner was extricated first and placed safely into a dog carrier and Removed to Engine 25-1.

Firefighters than removed the male occupant via backboard to a stokes basket and started the several hundred feet walk out to the waiting ambulance assisted by firefighters from Raymertown Engine Rescue 28. Total extrication time was 30 minutes and all crews were back in service by 0130 hrs. The New York state police were conducting the accident investigation and believe alcohol was a factor in the incident.”

SOURCE: JASON HARRIS Correspondent, 1st Responder Broadcast Network


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Thank you for your continued service and bravery.