Dog Paw Crib Block

JYD Industries' Dog Paw, a rescue strut & sidewinder accessory

Give your Sidewinder and Rescue Struts a BOOST with JYD’s Dog Paw


  • Works with both the JYD Struts and Sidewinder
  • Interlocks an each other to be stacked together
  • Pyramid textured bottom designed to work with the Turtle Plastics pyramid cribbing
  • Front and back cut outs, works with a 3.5″ Wedge
  • Also works with the cleat base
  • Can be used to raise the Sidewinder and Strut height for use on SUVs or Pickups
  • pkg FDIC 2014 (42)
  • Strut and Dog Paw
  • Sidewinder and Dog Paw
  • Sidewinder
  • Sidewinder and Dog Paw
  • Dog Paw Stacked_WEB
  • Dog Paw Slot_WEB
  • Dog Paw Front_WEB
  • Dog Paw Pyramid_WEB