Glas-Master Saw & Center Punch

Glas-Master Saw & Center Punch by JYD Industries- Your Extrication & Stabilization Resource

Glas Master is a revolutionary NEW manually operated, self-supported, (No Electricity or Hydraulics necessary) glass removal tool that give rescuers extra time to save lives during the GOLDEN HOUR. FAST– No other manual tool cuts glass faster. EFFECTIVE– Cuts rescue time significantly. VERSATILE– Use on fiber-glass, wood, plaster, etc. Can be used for underwater rescue. SAFE– Less danger to entrapped victims and user. The Glas Master Saw offers storage for the spring loaded center punch which has proven to be an advantage and keeps it available when needed.

Colors: Yellow or Orange

Part #: WEH-GMM-1, WEH-GMM-10

Replacement Parts: