Medium XTEND Rescue Strut Set


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Medium XTEND Rescue Strut Set!

Essential in accommodating rescue engines


With the rating continuing to be tested at OVER 10,000 pounds – with a 2 to 1 safety factor working load rating at 5,000 pounds, the size of the Medium struts fit a void between the small and large strut. Testing showed that similar operations of the Small and Large Strut could be accomplished by the Medium sized strut. Order now and see for yourself.


Set Includes:

(2) Witches Hat Point Heads

(2) 90 Degree Heads

(2) Accessory Pouches

(2) Pickets

(2) Simpson Ratchet Straps

(2) Simpson Axle Straps

(2) Standard Heads

(2) Medium Rescue XTEND Retracted Length of 39” to a Maximum Extension of 64” 25 lbs.

Total Individual Weight Standard Red Color (Custom Colors Available)


 Strut Features:

Self Contained for Easy Deployment; Polymer Coated Base for Better Grip; Base and Clevis Operate Separately so Base Will Stay Flat on Ground; Large Clevis Allows to Pass Through the Ratchet Strap Head for Single Strap Triangulation; Comes with Accessory Bag Attached to Strut; Simpson Ratchet and Axle Strap Rated at 1,300 lbs ; Heavy Duty Stainless Steal Locking/Tether Adjustment Pin.

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